The Question We Want To Answer

My work revolves around answering a simple question: how can we lead a good life?

I see this question best answered when dissected into two parts, namely how we can live (a) productively and (b) purposefully. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I hope to gain a better understanding of the human condition through my work. To do this, I incorporate three elements into this site.

Commitment: The quest for an answer begins with a commitment to continuous improvement. It’s accepting that we’re not perfect and have a long way to go. That requires constant renewal on our part, as we adapt and adjust to new ideas.

Perspective: We are confined by the ideas we are exposed to. I try to examine issues from multiple disciplines ranging from behavioural psychology, philosophy, and history. As much as possible, I will approach a subject from different angles to get fresher and new perspectives.

Action: All the answers would not matter if we don’t take action to design a better life. I turn the insights I’ve gleaned from my work into practical steps that you can apply in everyday life.

What are the best ways to reach our goal? How can we overcome our mental barriers and fear? These are some questions I hope to answer for you.

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