The Question To Answer

My work revolves around answering a simple question: how can we lead a good life? I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I hope to gain a better understanding of the human condition through my work.

In Zero to One, Peter Thiel says that there are two types of secrets: secrets of nature and secrets about people. He goes on to add:

Secrets about people are relatively underappreciated. Maybe that’s because you don’t need a dozen years of higher education ask the questions that uncover them: What are people not allowed to talk about? What is forbidden or taboo?

I know nothing about secrets of nature. “B” was the highest grade I ever got for science in high school. But the secrets of people are something I’m curious about. From productivity, to personal philosophy, and to psychology, I hope to uncover and share some of these secrets with you.

The aim is to view the world through a clearer lens. And maybe together we can have a better, even if not perfect, answer to how we can lead a good life.

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My work has been featured in major publications such as CNBC, Quartz, and Thought Catalog, among many other places. However, all my work can be found on this site. This way, you never have to look around the Internet to find articles worth reading.

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