The Mission

The purpose of Constant Renewal is to share ideas on how we can continuously improve ourselves. It is an idea that has long existed. The Japanese call it Kaizen, Reid Hoffman calls it a state of permanent beta and Stephen Covey calls it sharpening the saw. This site is a continuation of that idea.

My work and articles revolve around a simple theme: living productively and purposefully.

To answer this question, I read works by established authors and study peak performers. Following that, I try to compress these ideas and distill them into their simplest form through my articles. This way, everyone is able to access universal principles and core ideas which they might not have encountered otherwise.

I’m also a firm believer that the way to a truly rich life is through unconventional means. As such, I aim to seek out little-known stories and strategies on how we can live better. My hope is that readers like yourself will gain new insights and benefit from them.

As a student of life, I write for myself as much as I do for you. If there are any ideas you would like to share, I would be more than happy to hear about them.


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