The Pursuit Of Status: How To Avoid Chasing The Wrong Things

Pursuit of Status

Despite composing several famous works, the French philosopher Denis Diderot spent the majority of his life in poverty. Like many Enlightenment thinkers of his time, Diderot had little concern for material possessions. That changed when he received a new scarlet robe from his friend as a gift. The robe was so beautiful that Diderot treasured […]

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Benjamin Franklin: How Keeping A Journal Leads To A Better Life

Benjamin Franklin Keeping A Journal

Despite being born into a poor family and only receiving two years of formal schooling, Franklin’s contributions are astounding. He was the very definition of the self-made man. One factor thought to have contributed to Franklin’s success was his habit of keeping a journal. Franklin kept multiple journals throughout his life, and used them in ways which most of us wouldn’t have envisaged. That set him apart from the other men of his time.

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