Ignorance Is Bliss, Illusion Is Not

The Knowledge Illusion

Everybody knows that they don’t know enough about the world. Where people disagree though, is how much exactly they know. “Maybe I don’t know about rocket science or self-driving cars”, you might say, “but I know enough about the world”. That’s enough for me. It sounds reasonable, but even then, there’s a good chance you […]

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The Steel Man Technique: How To Argue Better And Be Persuasive

Modern-day debates tend to be incredibly frustrating. If you listen to the language used to assess any debate, you’ll find that there’s always an element of “winning”. The aim, to most people, is thus to have an argument that is better than the opponent’s. Failing which, you present one that sounds better than your opponent’s. […]

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The Spotlight Effect: Why No One Else Remembers What You Did

The Spotlight Effect

Imagine you’ve just walked into a room. You’re wearing a t-shirt printed with a terrible joke. It’s printed in block letters, so there’s no way people can miss. The colours don’t even go well together. It’s downright embarrassing. A couple of reactions are to be expected. You can’t help but notice that a couple of […]

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Charlie Munger: The Power Of Not Making Stupid Decisions

Charlie Munger

Charlie Munger doesn’t seem like a very interesting man. He doesn’t fit the popular narrative of the college drop-out billionaire. Neither has he attempted any moon shots which promise to radically change the world. But his claim to success is unique in its own right: always avoid making stupid decisions.

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