Signalling: The Unspoken Language We Use Everyday


Not having enough information is a problem.  George Akerloff was the first to detail this. In his Nobel-winning paper, The Market for Lemons, he observed that markets with asymmetric information would eventually collapse. Because only sellers would know the condition of the goods they sold, they could always mask defective products — lemons — as quality products and charge […]

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The Canvas Strategy: Help Yourself By Helping Others

Canvas Strategy

Before he became a successful epigrammatist, Marcus Valerius Martialis spent most of his early life serving the rich and wealthy. Martialis would perform a variety of tasks for his patron; he would travel with them everywhere they went, clearing their path and communicating their messages. He was an anteambulo —  a person who cleared the path […]

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The Knowledge Illusion: Book Summary, Review, Notes

The Knowledge Illusion

The Book In A Single Sentence Knowledge works in very different and counter-intuitvie ways; perhaps having knowledge isn’t personally very important at all. Personal Thoughts The Knowledge Illusion is a great primer on how knowledge works. Why do we need knowledge? How do we think? What do we get wrong? These are topics that the book […]

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